PIPE – Brisbane, Australia

Our Brisbane-based hosting solutions are founded upon servers hosted in PIPE Network’s Brisbane-based datacenter. Specific features offered by PIPE include:

Multiple network carriers, including AAPT Connect, Pipe IX and WebCentral, further enhanced by Fiber Ring access.

Completely Cisco-based network equipment, including a Cisco PIX 520 Firewall, Cisco 7206VXR routers, and Cisco 2924 switches.

Advanced fire protection, A dual UPS system (further supported by an emergency stand-by generator),
24/7/365 security and network monitoring, and on-site employees.

Exceptionally convenient location for Australia-based hosting clients.

Liquidweb – Lansign, Michigan, USA

Our USA-based servers are located at Liquidweb in Michigan. Their datacenter features:

Exclusively Cisco-branded routing and switching equipment (Cisco GSR 12000 Border Routers, Cisco 6509 Sup720 Core Network, and Cisco 3550 Distribution Switches).

Direct connectivity with Tier-1 providers MCI/UUnet, AT&T, and Savvis/Cable & Wireless, reaching over 4,500 networks within one hop. Liquidweb Fiber connectivity via an OC-48 fiberoptic SONET ring.

Power systems boasting “extensive fault tolerance and resilience,” including a 300kva Powerware 9315 primary UPS, Liebert Precision power distribution units, and an automatically-activated (upon power grid failure) Cummins 313kVa Diesel Generator boasting 24 hours of pre-refueling runtime.

Sophisticated datacenter security and cooling, as well as 24-hour-a-day, on-site, level 3 technicians.

TransACT – Canberra, Australia

Our support server resides at TransACT in Canberra. Their datacenter is extremely robust, as illustrated by the provision of:

Premium-quality connectivity to TransACT’s carrier services and third party carrier services, including Uecomm, Powertel, Asia Net Comm, Agile, SPT – Comindico, Nextgen Networks, AARNet, ICON, Pipe, Chime, Optus, Telstra, MCI and AAPT.

A well-staffed, 24-hour-a-day Network Operations Center.

Intense datacenter security, that includes monitoring of all facility access points, surveillance cameras, a minimum of two layers of physical security, and completely logged card-access technology.

Canberra grid electric power is backed up by a 450 kVA UPS system, itself further supported by a 750 kVA diesel generator. On-site fuel storage can service the generator for 288 hours at full load.

n+1 redundancy integrated into the facility’s cooling system.

Conveniently located very near Canberra’s CBD.