e-Commerce Resources

e-Commerce covers such a wide spectrum of information. In it’s most basic form, e-Commerce simply means a monetary transaction taking place over the internet.

Depending on your product and online goals really makes a difference in your choice of how to present your product and collect the money from the sales.

For only a few products then you probably don’t need a full blown online shop and could easily get by with your products nicely presented with direct links to a 3rd party payment processor (i.e cashier) like Paypal or WorldPay.

For more than a few you should start looking a full blown shopping cart system, we highly recommend osCommerce or VirtueMart if you are using the Mambo or Joomla content management system.

These solutions usually take a couple of days to a week to do the shop fitout.

We are active in the osCommerce and Virtuemart opensource communities and have produced these contributions (to give back to the community) to increase the functionality of the shop software.


Credit Class and Gift Voucher “Easier to Understand” Payment Addon



Toll Australia Shipping Module