Web Hosting Account Features / Benefits

Every Account has these Features and these Benefits
Use Your Own Web Address (like yourdomain.com.au) No more long winded domain names with slashes and usernames for your customers to remember
FREE Website Transfer If you have an existing website we’ll transfer it over to our servers for FREE
Multiple POP3 / IMAP Email accounts No restrictions on this, use as many as you have space
Spam Filters These are critical to have in this time of spam abuse
Spam Assassin A world class spam detection software. flags incoming spam so that you can either deal with it on the server or in your email software with your own filters.
Browser Based E-mail Away from the office and don’t won’t to miss out on your emails. three online webmail programs to choose from, SquirelMail, Horde, and Neomail
E-mail forwarding & Autoresponders Want to share your emails with others simply setup email forwarding. They come to you and get forwarded on.

Setup autoresponders that send a default reponse to someone that sends you an email. For when you are on holidays you can set the autoresponder up to tell people that automatically.

E-mail Aliases & Catch-all Accounts Any emails that get sent to your domain regardless of if they exist can be routed to a catch all email that you specify.
Mailing Lists Inbuilt powerful Mailman software for newsletter lists, can handle bounce processing, a complete mailing
list solution
Phone Support You are always able to get on the phone to sort out your issues immediately
Unlimited Email Support A support ticketing system is in place for your use, where you support emails are recorded in a database and multiple staff members can action a solution without losing any information between parties.
99.5% Uptime Guarantee

There are no excuses for uptime. The server is either down or up. We are so confident in our uptime that Web Smart Central Pty Ltd guarantees 99.5% network uptime for any given calendar month.

In the unlikely event we fail to meet our 99.5% network uptime guarantee, one (1) month credit will be applied to your next invoice.

Additional Software
Web Based Control Panel (cPanel)

See the control panel in our tutorials
A well laid out and intuitive to use control panel is a must, and maintaining your website administrative
tasks are a breeze with cPanel software.
FREE Shopping Cart Software You can install top of the line shopping cart software at the click of your mouse
73 Pre-Installed Software/Scripts

For a full list of scripts click here
Save yourself time and effort using the pre installed software that we have ready to install at the click of
your mouse, no more fishing around the interenet looking for a solution and then needing to work out how to install and configure it.
Advanced Features
Enhanced FrontPage 2002/2000/98 Support Using Frontpage is a great way to get your websites designed quickly and easily, we fully support it

Multiple Subdomains / Domain Aliases
Sub domains allow you to have multiple extensions on your existing domain, eg if your main domain was demo.com then a subdomain off that would be apples.demo.com and so on. No restrictions on this, use as many as you have space

Multiple Addon Domains
Addon domains allow you to get the most out of your hosting account. As long as you have space and bandwidth, you can host multiple domains (websites) from the same single account. This feature alone will save you money, instead of paying for multiple single accounts. No restrictions on this, use as many as you have space
Domain Pointers / Domain Parking So you have more than one domain that relates to the same website, simply set it up to point to it and if you own other domains, you can park them safely until you have a website ready for them
CGI, SSI, PHP, PERL, PYTHON Scripting is important for any database work or enhanced web designs, CGI enabled, server side includes (SSI), PHP, PERL, and PYTHON
Custom Error Pages (404 Pages) When a user ends up not being able to access one of your pages, don’t let them go away angry, setup your own error page that can direct them back to you main site or offer them extra information
Multiple MySQL Databases Most web applications need a database to run, no restrictions on this, use as many as you have space
Password Protect Directories Have some files that need protecting, we all do, setup password protected areas on your site
Streaming Audio / Video Support A sign of the times is the increasing need to present your vistors with quality audio and video, this is not real time streaming, that requires dedicated extra software
Flash / Shockwave Support Create your websites or sections of your site in flash, no problem, we support it
Cron Job Support Need to setup routine tasks triggered whenever you need it, Cron will schedule the job in and carry out your commands, just like Windows scheduler.
Anonymous FTP Support Need to share your files with the public through FTP. we support it.
Search Engine Submission Automatic search engine submission with the click of your mouse for alltheweb, directhit, google, hotbot, lycos, and mixcat
Website Management
Web-based File Manager You have access to edit and maintain your files online through your web browser.
Multiple FTP accounts (24×7 Access) Setup as many password protected FTP accounts for specific users. no restrictions on this, use as many as you have space.
SSL Secure Server Need to encrypt your online transactions, our servers are SSL enabled, simply purchase an SSL certificate for your domain and we’ll set it up for you.
No Forced Advertising You pay for your account so why should you have advertising forced on you, your account is yours to do as you wish
User Downloadable Backups Never under-estimate the power of regular backups, our system has a simple one click with your mouse
to download your backups of either all of your accounts, or the individual parts like databases.

Website Monitoring
Detailed Site Statistics Full comprehensive statistics about everything that happens to your account. your choice of 3 statistics viewers awstats, analog, webalizer. Know where your users are coming from, how much the search engines are helping you, and what keywords users are using to find you, track everything.
Server / Data Center Specs / Network Connection
Servers run Linux OS For security and stability we have chosen to run our server exclusively on Linux rather than Windows
Dual AMD Operton 6128 16 Cores @ 2GHz each
4 GB of RAM memory
2x250GB hard drives
Powerful web servers are the key to keeping websites presenting fast and without issue
Offsite Backups taken Daily, Weekly, Monthly Backups of your vital data and emails are taken daily, weekly, and monthly, and stored both locally on the server for fast recovery and on a completely different server for redundancy.
Multiple Redundant Internet Connections Constant internet access is important and all our datacenters have redundant connections to the internet, should one connection go down, another takes over straight away
UPS Power Backup / Diesel Generator Power failures happen, it’s a fact of life, and all our datacenters have massive generators to keep all the equipment and airconditioning running for days while power is restored.
Multiple Redundant Network Connections It’s not just internet connections that need to be redundant, the internal network structure of datacenter has to be redudant so that should a network switch or router go down, others will take it’s place.
24x7x365 Network Monitoring System Our servers are under constant surveillance from multiple locations around the world, looking for if they stop working. SMS alerts are sent immediately if that happens and technicians are set to work to rectify the problem. Most times the server will be back up before you even know if was down.