Web Design

Website Design Resources

We highly recommend those just starting out in web design to get a hold of templates, and massage them
into what you desire. It reduces the time to market dramatically.

There are many out there, here are some sites of interest.

Open Source Web Design (FREE) ed. – Fantastic.
If you can’t find something in here I’d be amazed. Thanks goes to one of our customers Glenn Dahlenberg for the link.

TemplateMonster.com (PAID)

FreeTemplatesByAnn.com (FREE)

FreeWebTemplates.com (FREE)

Need some FREE stock image artwork for your site. Check out this site stock.xchng

Of course template or not, you will need software tools to help you build your site.

All software listed here is open source (which means FREE to use)

Software Tool Download Description
NVU nvu.com NVU is a webpage editor

You will need this to edit your webpages in a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get)
type of format. This will help you to build a webpage without needing to know
the html code that goes behind it.

GIMP gimp.org GIMP is a graphics editor

You will need a good graphics editor to manipulate the images that you will
have on the website. Changing size, shape, colours, etc. This is a must.

SMART FTP smartftp.com SMARTFTP is an ftp client

You will need this to upload / download your files to the server where your
website resides. You can of course use the inbuilt transfer functions of your
website editor (like NVU), however if you want full control of the process then
you need something like this.