Protect Your Valuable Email With a Backup Mail Server

It’s been a long time coming but we finally have a backup mail server in place to handle all email should a server be down at any time.

This means that should a server be down all emails that normally would have bounced back to the senders server for a retry at a later date, will now be routed to a backup mail server, where they will sit until the primary mail server comes back online. At which point the emails will then be routed back to be delivered.

This results in no loss of emails at our end what-so-ever. Very nice indeed.
In the end as all things seem once you’ve done the hard work, it was a fairly simple task, and I can honestly say every host should have this form of redundancy in place, and be proud to show it off.
I’ll be writing an article about it so that others may benefit from my hours of research looking for the best methods to automate this procedure.

Doing it for one account is fine, doing it across multiple servers is a full time job. That’s why automated software scripts are a thing of beauty.