In an effort to draw out potential areas for improvement with our service, our clients were asked this simple question …

“What was your biggest fear when deciding to sign up for our hosting service?.”

These are questions that usually go through my mind before I purchase from someone that I don’t know.

  • Are they going to rip me off?
  • Is the quality of the product as good as they say it is?
  • Will they deliver on the results they are promising?

The response was fantastic, these were some of the answers to that question that we received…

Hi Aaron,

Sorry I haven’t replied to all your email. I like your idea’s and compettions.

I’m struggling to think what was my biggest fear when signing up for your hosting service, I think its the same fears you mentioned but thats more to do with purchasing anything online then anything to with websmartcentral. I overcame that by doing research. Hopefully this info will help.

The things that influenced my decision were:

  • Your local
  • You use the best technology
  • Your prices are affordable

I also did a bit of a comparison with what else was available.

Occasionally people ask me who is my webhost and I reply websmartcentral or post the link to your site and give the above reasons as the answer to why.

The other thing I talk about is your scripts feature which I think really makes it easy for anyone to setup a decent website. It would be great if you added a script for mediawiki but I don’t know if anyone would use it.

P.S I was really impressed by the support I received from one of your staff. Thank you.

Chris Harvey
QLD, Australia

My biggest fear was not knowing what the heck I was doing. and boy have I proved that. I tend to take people at face value…the eternal optimist…”why would someone want to rip me off?” A bit naive I guess, but I do pretty well.

I chose you guys because of your geographical location …….not in Siberia or Southwest Buloxi somewhere. Once I started communicating with you, I was put at ease very quickly. I guess you’re sort of that Old Shoe, dependable and feels real comfortable.

Creating a website was something I had no knowlege of…what-so-ever …your help was invaluable and very very patient.

No Fear…just heaps of Thanks

G & J Watson
QLD, Australia

Hi Aaron,

The question of “am I going to be ripped off?” is always there when working with the internet.

However you were Australian based and had been there for sometime without me picking up any apparent bad feedback.

SO far so good. I paid my money, my website is there, so far so good.

I guess the biggest question is ” how the hell am I going to maintain it when I don’t know anything about websites?”. I guess I’m going to learn.

Otherwise no real fears, just knowing there’s a lot to learn.

Phil Wolstencroft
NSW, Australia

To be honest Aaron, I was completely new at producing web sites……

I was at college night classes learning because I was interested. It was only that my cousin who is really good at web sites, came by your web details etc and passed it on to me. I took it to college and hopefully you got a few signing up !! you were the best at that time, the tutor even thought so !

It was your prices and service that clinched the deal !! because quite a few of us on the course were doing it for either hobbies or just to help someone out, we didn’t want to spend too much.

I haven’t been dissappointed at all and I will continue to use you guys ! Keep up the good work.

I think the really bonus was having a personal touch from you.

Joanne Lowth
UK & NSW, Australia

Hi Aaron

My biggest fear was continuity and service

My site is working very good

I had enquires from the UK, Middle East, USA and Europe
Two of those are promising, I think that good businesses are eminent
Look like that I am always in the ether and the service is very good

Keep the good work Aaron If I know somebody looking for a host I will recommend you


Julio Gomez
QLD, Australia

Now back to the normal testimonials, thank you to our loyal customers for this wonderful praise. Feel free to contact them about us.


Hi Aaron and Web Smart Central,

Let me congratulate you on the most efficient domain purchase I’ve ever made. I just purchased a new domain name and set up redirection. Your form was precise, efficient, easy to use and accurate. Good work!

Looking forward to a long business relationship with you.

cheers, Maria

Maria Pesavento
web & graphic design
North QLD, Australia


I have been really happy with your webhosting and have pretty much moved away from my previous one just to have my sites together.

Leesa Elverd
Funky D Zines
Alice Springs, NT, Australia


Just like to thank you guys – it’s great that the system feels ‘personal’ ie I’m not just a number and you guys are actual people (not another customer service team). – Am constantly recommending you guys to everyone – keep up the good service.

Dianne Simpson
NSW, Australia


I would firstly like to thank Web Smart Central for great service. We registered and payed for our domain name on a Saturday and by Sunday we were live on the web. That was the best service I have ever got from a host. I personally have several sites around the world and was really happy with my host in America, but in true Aussie spirit, I wanted to support an Australian company and will now recommend Web Smart Central to everyone looking for a host. Their support is outstanding, although moving the server to USA, did cause a slight problem for a few hours but everything was sorted smoothly.

Jonny Templelhagen
ES and JT Pty Ltd
Brisbane, Australia


I just wanted to say thank you to you and your business, the set up of our web site hosting was very quick and very easy. The tutorial pages were a great help and very easy to understand. I will be recommending you hosting services to everyone I know. Thanks Again

Darren Rowlatt
Irrigation Design Australia
Brisbane, Australia


Computers have always been of interest to me and I decided to go on a web design course !! Following the course, I began working on a couple of websites and of course you always fall into traps and you find yourself in a maze almost – the staff at WebSmartCentral have been both polite, prompt and patient (All the ‘p’ s) in receiving and responding to my queries – most of which were probably on their tutorials but I still couldn’t quite get to the route of my issues. The great hosting rates are also a bonus when you are starting out.

Joanne Lowth
Joanne Lowth Design
Central Coast, Sydney, Australia


I’m the worst sort of internet user, I know just enough to muck things up and not enough to fix them.

However with the Web Smart Central tools and support even I have been able to get our website setup and running without much effort at all .

It is just too easy to deal with Web Smart Central, competitive rates, great support, fantastic admin tools, next to no down time.

Glenn Dahlenburg
Wyked Pty Ltd
Brisbane, Australia


There are three things I look for when I buy anything. Firstly does the product do what I want it to? Secondly is the cost competitive with similar offerings found elsewhere? Finally are there any other factors that would sway my decision one way or another? When looking for a new web host I wanted primarily an easy interface to a less expensive web hosting service and I wanted to be informed regularly of what’s going on. I didn’t want to deal directly with the server farm people and I wanted a more personal “softer” interface to the host.

My previous provider would never return emails or phone calls and the only time I knew there was a service at all was when the auto-generated billing sent me a renewal reminder!

Then I happened upon Websmart Central. Great server space, very good uptime, easy user interface, regular informative emails and links to tutorials and a fantastic price. If it’s at all possible I think they care more about my web service than I do!

Martin Stennett
Business Development
Offshore Technologies
Brisbane, Australia


Bodytalkoz needed a Web Site, but we weren’t sure where to start. Fortunately for us we found websmartcentral.com and the rest was easy. The cost is well below what we expected to have to pay and the service far exceeds what we thought we would actually receive.

We were given some pointers on where to look for Web Site templates and websmartcentral.com even had some templates that we could use to help get us started.

The user interface and control panel not only looks great but is easy to navigate and use and makes it a simple task to manage our own website. The billing system has been simple to use and what a pleasure it was to be able to pay for a service without giving our credit card details over the Net. All we can say is that our website www.bodytalkoz.com is up and running thanks to the great team at websmartcentral.com

Deanna and Greg Lee
Brisbane, Australia