Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2011

Another wonderful year through 2011. With lots of referrals accounting for 80% of our new business, it’s always a joy to welcome a new client that has been referred from current members.

As most long time Netrospect members would know, there is always a special Christmas video around this time of the year.

We now have a new tradition. Christmas lights, but not just any old Christmas lights. My family has undertaken to take our Christmas light display to the next level and make the lights run to music. Since this was our first year we’ve kept it small, but next year will be much bigger.

There are 1600 LED lights across 16 channels (sets of lights) and were programmed by my 12yr old son Declan. He’s done a great job.

Best wishes for your holiday season, and take care.

Talk soon

Aaron and the rest of the Netrospect team.