Online Commerce

e-Commerce Solution

Once you have decided that a full blown shop is required for your online store than you can take advantage of our e-Commerce package. We base our shop fitouts on a shopping solution called osCommerce or Virtuemart for Joomla.

osCommerce is open source (FREE to use) however of course what you are paying for is the customisation of the shop.

We have considerable experience with osCommerce and as such can offer good rates for the standard setup that we offer.

We have integrated several (what we believe to be essential modifications) to the core system, since we use them in our own online shops.

  • Shop setup to trade in Australia only or Internationally – the choice is yours
  • Gift Vouchers – (you can sell them or give them away as bonuses, very powerful)
  • Easy populate database (have all your products in an Excel spreadsheet and
    maintain that for prices and descriptions. Simply upload it to the system to make any changes to your shop)
  • Enhanced Newsletters support (enhanced from the default install)
  • Enhanced account setup with referrer information, email form checking
    (important for tracking where people are coming from)
  • Down for Maintenance (if your shop is being worked on an informative screen
    is displayed to the user, so they can’t enter the shop and place orders while it’s being serviced)
  • Image adjustable locations and resizing (place your images in subdirectories for easier maintenance
    and automatic thumbnails are created [important for those on a slower connection] )
  • PDF invoice ability (to print and send / email with goods)
  • Direct Debit bank payment module for Australia (accept payments to your Australian bank account)
  • Paypal IPN [credit card 3rd party merchant (Paypal is well respected and trusted independent credit
    card processor merchant, owned by eBay)
    Using Paypal enables you to start trading without the need for a merchant
    bank account and collecting peoples credit card details. So you don’t even need a secure certificate (SSL) which
    costs extra again.
  • Whois Online (displays customers online and offers the admin details on their movements through the shop)
  • Recover Cart Sales (customers can be reminded of their abandoned shopping carts to complete their order)
  • Australian shipping [Optional] (via Australia Post, with variable shipping cost dependent on order)
  • Articles display [Optional] (important for displaying your knowledge of your field to potentials, and search engines)

These are all addon modifications to the default osCommerce shop system.

You get …

  1. Template customisations are included. Add logos and backgrounds, colour matching existing client specifications,
    removing unwanted side boxes
  2. Setting up initial shop information in the information area of the shop
  3. Inputting up to 10 products into the shop and the Excel import spreadsheet
  4. 12 months hosting on our Starter package included
  5. 2 hours telephone training on using / maintaining the shop

Total price $8970 inc GST.

Usual time on project (30-45days) depending on customer interaction.

An example of this type of package would be

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