Search Engines

Search Engine Marketing Resources

This is a massive area of online marketing that you should at least spend some time on. Even just getting your website search engine friendly is more than most people do, and it’s not that hard.

Also these links below are PDFs from a search engine marketing expert that are full of great ideas. Brad Callen is his name and his software is SEO Elite.

Netrospect uses SEO Elite on a daily basis for our clients and our own sites.

It’s so easy to use and we highly recommend it. You will be amazed at the results it yields and the advantage it gives you to position yourself on the search engines using your competition to get you there.

We are providing these lessons below, since they summarise what is required to achieve good rankings in search engines. For more indepth information you should do a search for ‘Search Engine Optimization’.

Of course this all takes time and Netrospect can do it all for you. Simply contact us and we’ll have a chat about your needs.