Holland Park Kindy Sponsor – Web Design, SEO, Web Marketing

Welcome, you’ve come to this page since you have seen us in the Holland Park Kindy newsletter or their website.

As friends of Holland Park Kindy, I really want to help you get more sales / leads / clients from your website.

No doubt you have a business that has a website and this interests you or you wouldn’t be at this page.

You know the value of having a business that lists front page of Google in the top spots. More traffic, more leads, lots more business!

Give me 6 (yes just 6) minutes on the phone with you while I’m looking at your website, and I’ll help you by telling you exactly what you have to do to get the most out of your website.

It’s not just about being #1 in Google / Bing, you have to be able to convert your visitors into doing whatever you need them to do.

Call 1300 799 085 during normal business hours, and ask for Aaron and I’ll personally help you.

I won’t hold anything back from you, and you can even get your current tech person to look after it for you and be on your way with my advice that I’ll give to you.

Of course I’d like you to use our services if you don’t have someone technical you can turn to.

I’ll even give you a discount off our standard fees as a special to my Holland Park Kindy friends. Just make sure you mentioned where you found us from.

Look forward to hearing from you.