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P.S As a way to start doing business, I’d like to offer a free service. You can pick from one of these valuable offers …

  1. a mobile phone optimised version of your website (value $250) or
  2. a Google Plus Local Places listing optimisation (value $150) or
  3. a Facebook page makeover / optimisation (value $150) or
  4. a photo slide show promotional video for your website (value $200) or
  5. 1 year of business class web and email hosting (value $200)


P.P.S Here’s some of the services that we can help your business with.

  • web hosting
  • web design or development
  • search engine optimisation – get free targeted traffic
  • local search optimisation (Google Local Places) – get free targeted traffic
  • conversion of website visitors into action takers
  • online video marketing – staff videos / client testimonial videos / product videos / service videos
  • setting up email newsletters for ongoing marketing
  • automatic follow up email autoresponders
  • free reports to get visitors to signup to your mailing list
  • social media (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube)
  • pay per click advertising (Google Adwords)
  • webinars
  • teleseminars
  • copywriting
  • offline direct response marketing


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