cPanel Video Tutorial – Disk Space Usage

This video explains how to use the disk space usage feature to find out where your account size is being used. Usually it’s either emails or files using up your account space. But you need to be able to find out exactly so that you can take action. Either remove the files / emails, or if it’s legitimate account growth, upgrade your account.


cPanel Video Tutorial – How to Use, Read, Understand Awstats

If you’ve ever wanted to know how to track how your website is doing, good, bad or otherwise, you need to examine your web logs.

Reading through raw weblogs is impossible so using a 3rd party reporting tool called Awstats that comes with cPanel hosting control panels, makes it very easy to track your websites progress.

This video explains how to use, read, and understand Awstats.


cPanel Video Tutorial – Update Contact Info

If you’ve ever found out the hard way when your account gets suspended cause you used to much bandwidth or your email box is full but you don’t realise it, then you need to watch this video about keeping your contact info updated in cPanel. For those that haven’t had this experience make sure you set it up the right way first up.