I need to have a party now. The Web Smart Central Business Blog (or Aaron’s Business Blog) is finally here. The title is not set in stone yet.

I’ve ummed and ahhed about putting the blog live since November 2005, for several reasons.

The main reason is that blogs are personal by their very nature and you can’t escape that, and I had reservations with the fine line between keeping it business and not getting to personal.

We’ll over the last few months my thinking has slowly changed, and over the last 2 weeks, I’ve done a complete backflip on business blogs and for a business throughly recommend them, and I’ll go into why I think so.

I’ve stumbled across (isn’t that always the best way to find something) a great site through another great site. Flying Solo by Robert Gerrish is a site dedicated to the Solo Entrepreneur, which I frequent regularly, and that led me to Entrepreneurs Journey by Yaro Starak dedicated also to you guessed it Entrepreneur content.

I’ve also had the pleasure of following Ed Dale a very successfull internet marketer from Underachieving Mastery for a long time.

Yaro Starak just did a blog post and Ed Dale has just done a blog for a large multinational IPO and has espoused the virtue of blogs for ages, which has combined convinced me that blogging for any business is a good thing.

Let’s face my facts. I own and operate a small business. My target market is other small businesses that are looking to or already have an internet presence.

Why hide it? as many internet businesses do. They think just because the internet is anonymous they can get away without putting contact details and not disclosing who’s involved with the business.

We are in business with each other. People do business and want to do business with people, not faceless websites.

Offering a blog that is business based but also my own is a fantastic way to build rapport with my online family. Both existing and those still deciding.

I’m not alone in my business, I do have helpers that also now how to operate the business, but I do run the show and as such can stand up and say that I am proud to own and operate a small business that I truely get enjoyment out of. Sure it has it moments but what in life doesn’t.