Domain sniping (aka fleecing, aka duping) is rampant.

I own several domains, more than I can count on my 2 hands, and yet again another year rolls around and I keep getting these Domain Name Expiration Notices from a company (Domain Registry of America) that has absolutely nothing to do with the company that I get my domain names from.

It’s a very smartly marketed letter sent direct mail and to the uninitiated it looks like a bill that needs to be paid, and I bet many people just pay it like a bill, without understanding what it all means.

The worst part is that their fees are $25 US or $38 AUD for a .com for 1 year. But what is even worse than that is that I know people that have .com domains where they paid and continue to pay $90 AUD for them per year. So to them this appears as a real bargain and they of course jump at the opportunity.

With the likes of godaddy and registerfly, and many others now flogging domains for $6 US, and spending money hand over fist advertising it like crazy on all mediums, you’d wonder why anyone would pay these sly marketers.

There is a lesson here people, that it doesn’t matter what you charge, it’s how you approach the sale. These offline direct marketing techniques for online businesses should be embraced.

I disagree with this particular mail out since it takes advantage of those that don’t know any better, but there is very much a place for offline marketing in online business.

To date my marketing efforts have been exclusively online, but with my current Website Renovation Contest underway, I’m stepping up my offline marketing. Starting with the free publicity generated from the contest.