I see it again and again with businesses not taking ownership of their web presence. They are leaving money on the table in the bucket loads.

If you don’t take control then no one else will.

Just talking with people that I come into contact with about their sites, it’s truly amazing to here what they have to say.

Some don’t even know how much their website is costing them in actual dollars per year to run, domain fees, hosting fees, useless editing fees from consulting firms that they pay and no edits ever take place. This astounds me, when they are small businesses that are usually solo operators.

When I talk with them just in general conversation (no sales pitching going on at all) about enhancing their website to generate more business for them, I’m met with blank stares. You can give people all the information in the world, but if they aren’t ready to take it on board, it’s a useless battle.

Does anyone else have this problem? Getting a point of passion across to someone that just isn’t as passionate about it as you are.

That reminds of what a founding hosting customer of mine once said to me. “You care more about my website than I do”. I remember laughing at the time, because it was so very true.