I’ve been an avid student of Brett McFall and his marketing ways for just over 2 years now, and last year when the World Internet Summit was held on the Gold Coast, I was very I’ll and wasn’t able to attend. It was disappointing for me.
This year as soon as tickets went on sale I jumped at the chance, grabbing one of Brett’s Birthday special price tickets. Only this year, it’s being held in Sydney.

So I’m off on a plane to Sydney for 4 days next month to immerse myself into internet marketing, joint ventures and all things internet. I can’t wait. For me personally since I am not a newbie to the internet (far from it in fact, since 1993), I’ll be using the time to meet like minded people and perhaps gather some Joint Ventures and great contacts.

Here’s the catch cry from Ted Ciuba (one of the 3 amigos) that run the event.

“Give Me A Willing Person…
Loan Me A Laptop Computer
With An Internet Connection …
And Within 72 Hours That Person
Will Have A Product, A Website …
And Money In The Bank – PLUS
A System To Make That Money
Over And Over Again FOR LIFE!”

Now they hold a contest where they pluck someone from the audience and use them as an example of the process to make a product and sell it online. From scratch.

Of course the huge figures that you see on the website are based on selling the product to the speakers (internet marketers) existing lists. Since the guinea pig in the audience didn’t have any contacts yet, this just shows the power of joint ventures. But the principles of the task are the secret sauce that you must know.

If you are thinking about generating an income online then why reinvent the wheel. You’re wasting your time. I’ve wasted about the last 2 years slowly learning about internet marketing when I could have been moving at full steam straight away if I had of been to a seminar like this back then.

Visit the World Internet Summit site here to see what it’s all about.

If you decide it’s what you’ve been waiting for then please contact me as I’d love to know someone ahead of time that’s going to meet up with them at the event.