Doing joint ventures with other internet businesses is a fact of life these days. Bottom line is you can grow your business in leaps and bounds with just one good joint venture.

Affiliates are a form of joint venture, and is a topic that some internet users have an aversion to. Affiliates have their sales tracked by embedding a fairly obvious user ID string onto a link. It’s easy to spot an affiliate link and some people will go out of their way to either strip out the affiliate information relieving you of any commissions you may have been entitled to or in fact hijack the link with their own ID.

It’s just another form of stealing when you get right down to it. I refuse to expose myself to it, so I wrote a script some time ago to stop theifs dead their tracks. I’ve now decided to open it up for everyone else, mainly to get some promotion for my Australian Web Hosting and Development company, and maybe sell some of Jim’s software as well.

Jim Edwards had a program written called Affiliate Link Cloaker that has all the bells and whistles on it, and automates the whole process for you.

But if you want to see what all the hype is about you can test it for yourself, you can use my very own online link cloaker. Nowhere near as good as Jim’s product, but it get’s the job done and it’s awesome for hiding affiliate links

Beware it is manual process and probably not for newbies and also doesn’t have any error checking other than for pain in the ass spammers. Shite In = Shite Out