I have been getting a fantastic newsletter from Scott Bywater from copywritingthatsells.com.au

He mentioned finding out from your existing customers their biggest fear they had before they become a customer of yours.

Simple question, but it the answers give you a direct key to knowing what you have to do to alay those fears that are present in your yet-to-be customers.

Invaluable knowledge wouldn’t you say. I asked my client list this very question.

“What was your biggest fear when deciding to sign up for our hosting service?.”

I was blown away by the response of 22% of my clients taking the time to answer my question. Not only answer my question, but give me other fantastic information as well.

It was such a good response that I’ve added some of the responses to my testimonials page and tagged a link to it from my homepage.

Go and check out what they had to say on the testimonials page.

I strongly suggest that you ask your clients what their biggest fear was, and you might be pleasantly surprised. I was.