I used to hate with a passion the web hosting providers that I used and relied upon (cough, cough) before I started Web Smart Central.

Just the simple task of communicating was a foreign concept.

Other things used to bug me but you could break it down in the end to just plain bad communication.

If you have watched the Seinfeld TV show at any stage, you may have seen the episode where George Costanza being completely inept and hopeless at everything he ever did in life, simply turned himself around 180degrees to lead a charmed life, by doing the exact opposite of what he normally would do.

Well that is the exact philosophy that I chose when starting this hosting firm.

I figured if I do the exact opposite of what the bad hosting firms were doing to me, then I would have a great web hosting company.

I was right! Thank you George Costanza.

My main goal was give my clients as many avenues of communication as possible and to keep them informed when necessary.

To achieve this, I’ve setup… a Postoffice (email lists), Forums, Support System, Phone contact, Emergency Mobile Contact

Since I’m in regular contact with my clients through email, I am building up a relationship with them that other web hosting providers fail or are unwilling to do. Their loss.

As I’ve always said (assuming that your product is good) business is all about relationships.