At last after months of deliberating over whether to have reseller accounts or not, I’ve decided to include them into the Web Smart Central offering.

For those that don’t know, a Reseller has the ability to divide up their allocated space and bandwidth, and has a master control panel for their account. From there they can house other peoples websites completely separately (with their own control panel), effectively becoming a mini hosting provider. They can offer their clients the hosting space at whatever cost they desire. Being a reseller is fantastic for web designers, accountants, solicitors, and internet marketers.

If you chose your provider carefully then they deal with all the hard work, and you just get to make some profit. Some even deal with the support issues from your clients. This is still an area that I haven’t decided on what I’ll be doing. Let’s just say that I’ll find out the support ramifications as I go.

This is exactly where Web Smart Central started over a year ago, with a USA Reseller account. That was quickly outgrown, as we surpassed the hosting provider that was providing the reseller account. Plus there were clear signs that they were overloading their server so I moved away from them. Just in time as 2 months later they were no more.

If you haven’t read my report about overselling and the dangers of it, then I suggest you take a look.

The only force that drives hosters to overload the servers is monetary greed. But it’s just not worth it, it’s a business killer.