82% of small businesses will have Internet access by 2011, of which 88% will have broadband connections, according to a JupiterResearch Report “Market Profile: Understanding Online Small Businesses”.78% of small businesses currently use the Internet on a regular basis, according to JupiterResearch.

Sonal Gandhi, JupiterResearch Analyst, said: “Small businesses spent over $43 billion in 2005 in business purchases online, their online influenced off-line spending is likely to be considerably higher”. [source]

David Schatsky, President, JupiterKagan, said: “The growth of the overall online small business market and decision makers’ increased comfort with doing business online will impact their total online spending,

Companies that target small businesses should take advantage of the size and openness of this market online”. [source]

Now isn’t that an interesting statistic. I should think that those businesses are online already and getting setup to trade online or increase their marketing through online efforts will be ahead of their offline only competitors.