I’ve written an article this month about how to be more productive with your time reading emails.

Plus my next SEO Tip is there. I’m also giving away a free month of hosting for current members only that take my survey. Link is in the newsletter.

https://netrospect.com.au/news/WSC-200709.pdf (Sep ’07 Newsletter)

PS Good feedback from Dianne Simpson (faktree.com) whom specialises in Guest Amenities (you know those little bottles of shampoo that you get from hotels) [ see if you can spot one of my next tips in this sentence 🙂 ]

Dianne took action on my SEO tip from last month about putting your keywords in the first and last sentence of your page copy, she is now #2 ranked in Google. What does that translate into, well more traffic for starters, and with more traffic the next step to turn your attention to is conversion.

Now that is a fantastic result and should urge you all on to take action to build your sites ranking. A little bit each month and it will work.