See the video below for the fastest way to get to the top of the search engine results that I know. Using Google Local Search and being listed in Google Maps.

It’s been ages since I’ve contacted my members. Sorry about that. My monthly printed newsletters have gone out the window. All ten of my fingers are in ten different pies at the moment. The newer members to Netrospect can check out all previous newsletters here on the website.

Never mind, I plan to make it up to you. Lots of new things coming up. First up, I plan on using this blog more than I have been, so let’s start with a tip that I should be charging people for.

Every single business owner should be doing this. Point blank, I don’t care what business you are in.

People are searching for local answers to their problems and they want to find someone local, so you best get in front of them and be the answer they are looking for.

Check out the video to see why.

As I mention in the video, if you want me to show you step by step how to get a free local listing setup and optimised for your business then add a comment to this post and let me know.

If I get just 7 comments on this then I’ll publish the full how to video.