As I mentioned in the video, simply leave a testimonial as a blog comment by adding your comment below, and I’ll pick a random winner from those that respond to win the $75 Google Adwords credits.

I’ll email the winner with the coupon code, that you simply enter into Google when you join Adwords.

As an extra incentive, I’ll also give the winner some Adwords advice to get their specific business advertised in the most optimal way using the right keywords. Worth way more than the prize itself quite frankly.

Deadline is March 27 midnight for your testimonial submissions.

Good luck and remember a good testimonial is a couple of sentences that lists out a problem you were having and a solution that we fixed. It could be for our Web and Email Hosting or our Web Design or our Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

PS Sorry about the green screen, I’m just breaking in a new HD video camera and didn’t have time to put in a nice background.

PPS Our Web Design still has a 4 month waiting list, but we can squeeze in little jobs (couple of hours) here and there. SEO is ramping up and I have 3 openings to help 3 businesses with their SEO, contact us if you are interested in more info to jump the queue, I’ll be contacting you all about SEO next week.

Talk soon